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I spent last night brainstorming moped ideas. The ‘ped on the left is my ‘77 Batavus Bronco. All black and yellow  with big ol’ monkey bars and a banana seat, it looked like a totally different bike when I got it. It was a ton of work, but I’m thrilled with the results.  After the makeover, I swore I’d never rebuild/revamp another ‘ped again… but then I got the Magnum (on the right), and now I have the urge again.

… I’m thinking black frame, chrome fenders & forks, copper shocks & pedals, brown leather seat and British racing green tank/body/panels. And throw on some drop bars, fresh Puch decals and a set of white wall tires (current treads are shredded anyway) for good measure.

I think it will be crazy work, I think it will look awesome, and I also think I might be a little sick in the head.

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